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You are welcome to contact us by phone, email, online contact form below or just stop on by - and please remember to bring some Recycling with you!


Our Depot Address: 1018 Venture Way Gibsons BC (see map below) 

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Our Mailing Address: Box 1639 Gibsons BC V0N 1V0

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Whether you have a question, a Recycling concern or a great Recycling story or tip please let us know. We would be very happy to showcase your ideas, and make sure you also check out our Kids Love Recycling page! Our children and grandchildren will be taking over our job of taking care of Mother Earth... and they have some great ideas!

Please check out our easy, drive up,  large open bins... no carrying, just unload your car or truck right into our bins- you'll love them.


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Gibsons Recycling Depot Ltd.
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